Sunday, 25 January 2015

9 x Lookalikes - Are These People Related?

Put down your frozen turnips and look sharp. Prepare to scratch your head and furrow your brow as you try to figure out if these people were once related. There are plenty of reasons to giggle in this world, and here are just a few.

Tim Nice but Dim must have had a son. His credentials are top notch, and no doubt Gregory is making a splash in the art world painting nipples on X-rated Barbies.

Remember Screech Powers from Saved by the Bell? This kid Jason has to be his illegitimate son. Late 2014, the actor that played Screech was being questioned in relation to a stabbing and as to why he had a switchblade on him (not a joke, look it up).

She should be careful what she wishes for, I can see a resemblance, maybe they are the same person. 

On the left you see the father of Jesus, and low and behold it isn’t God. And lo, he wore upon his head a rubber Jonny and had a child he named JC.

I made it all the more confusing by keeping the oriental man in the shot on the left. Who is the father of who? Will Long Wang ever find his roots?

If those were brains, then she could actually believe the men that say they love her for her mind. And, I bet they wouldn’t mind picking her brains.

 Come on, doesn’t anybody think these two look a little alike? For those of you that were just eggs in the 90s, the guy on the left is beloved Xander Harris from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (pronounced Zander).

I didn’t think the Will picture was funny, but his caption just made me giggle for some reason. Do you reckon the hot ginger on the left is his mum? Do you think Mike Wazowski could be his dad? He certainly doesn’t seem convinced.

The girl on the right looks like a young version of Shawnee Smith from the Saw movies. After all these years, Shawnee has finally started showing a little skin, so here are a few more raunchy pictures for the lads.

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