Sunday, 18 January 2015

Construction And Town Planning Failures

Here are a few more blunders and funny failures by constriction companies and town planners. 

We start with a demonstration on how power and phone lines seem to be an inconvenience. This would be true in most cases if it were not for the fact that the post was there first and the road was built around it.

Is it that the tree is historic so it cannot be cut down, or did the people building the steps think the tree was a hallucination?

It is good to know that some countries do not discriminate against basketball players and giants.

This is a great metaphor you can give to kids about heading on the path to jail. Keep walking this path and you will be behind bars in no time.

I would have loved to have seen this guy’s face in the morning when he tries to get his car out and sees that someone has erected a lamp post.

I just love the fact that you know someone is going to turn on that tap. It looks like such an innocent merging of technology. I wish I owned this house.

You could have convinced me that this was Photoshop if it were not such a good idea. What if pylons do not cause cancer? If that is the case, then every pylon is the perfect place for a tree house.

Ever get tired of sitting on park benches and having tiny dogs hump your leg? You need worry no longer with these dog-proof benches.

How did they get the last stone under?

If this is around the back of your house, then tell the door-to-door salesmen to go around to the back door.

The fact that this guy acutally sat in the seat is funny, but I really wish he was surrounded by people so it looked like he had to sit in the seat.

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