Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Childish Ways To Deal With People That Annoy You In College

Somebody annoying you in college? Here are a few time tested ways you can really get on their nerves. Annoy them enough and they may even quit college, which ensures you never have to work with them in your future job as a condom tester (somebody has to test them!).

Buy Them A Ticket To A Local Game

Above all you must make sure he or she gets a great seat.

Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Make your shoulder so cold you could crack diamonds on it. Shun them so hard their nose bleeds when you walk by.

Explain Where Bacon Comes From

If this person is really grinding your gears, then explain in detail how their ham sandwich used to be called little orphan squeaky, the local piglet that saved two ducklings and a kitten from a wolf.

Laugh Behind His Or Her Back

The trick is to make it seem like you are not meaning to laugh behind his or her back. If you are having trouble mustering some real giggles, then think of a prank and what you would do to him/her and the laughs will come. Think of how you are going to wrap his/her phone in cellophane and drop it down the toilet.

Isolate Them As If They Were Rotten Grapes In A Fruit Bowl

If you have trouble getting rid of them, then ask them to do tasks such as fetch you a scone from a bakery across town, or ask them to find your favorite pen that you dropped on the train tracks.

Make A Comment About His Penis Size

This is only to be used in a life or death situation. Try some less harmful techniques first, such as goading him into mooning hillbillies at a shooting range, or challenging him to a bleach drinking competition.

Pull Your Scary Face

Where others sit back and allow the annoying person to infect their day, you take action by pulling your most vicious scary face. That should send them running.

Scream At Them

Let’s face it, screaming works. How can twelve billion seagulls be wrong?

Start Sniffing Around His/Her Partner

This is the fastest way to get rid of anybody you do not like. Start giving their partner the glad eye and before you know it they will avoid you at all costs. The best part is that their partner will probably love your attention and take you up on all your offers because he or she has low standards (after all, she/he is already dating a loser).

Throw A Tantrum To End All Tantrums

If your efforts to get rid of the annoying loser is not working, then try an epic tantrum. You have to make sure it is for something good and believable, such as how the yellow they are wearing clashes with the stitching on your shoes.

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