Tuesday, 10 February 2015

17 Of The Greatest School & Yearbook Pictures

I think my math teacher wants me to be a therapist when I am older. She keeps asking me to solve her problems. If my teacher is so upset that I was not paying attention, then why did she still get angry when I got the answer right?

I think my teacher is pretty dumb, she keeps asking all of her students for the answers. They said we should come to school in our pajamas for charity and everybody got upset when I did it. Is it my fault I sleep in the nude?

When a teacher tells you to read pages for your homework, they may as well say, “No homework tonight.” I was happy with my Math teacher “Sir Cumference,” but I never saw my English teacher “Wanda Off.”

Where do you learn to greet people?
Hi School.

 She looks so sweet, who would have thought she was so rude.
I bet a lot of people are glad to see the back of her.

Big girls need love too.
This guy is as smooth as a horses ear. I bet he could charm the seeds out of a budgies mouth.

At least the kid on the far right is honest because as the song says, if he likes big butts then he cannot lie.

This photo goes in my blog because it harks back to a time when this was considered innocent and the teacher wasn’t afraid to the photo for fear of being called a pervert. 

Which Ho do you like again?

F. You And Ya Muvva Too

 He he he, his shirt.

 If idiots could fly, this place would be an airport. 
I love how subtly horrible this kid is actually being. 

 Some girls want it all, and some are just plain stubborn.

They say the greatest inspiration is a deadline, I think this kid just got a little confused.

The dog ate my homework so often that he graduated instead of me. 

 She was married to Moe Lester.

Seems like a nice guy. 

Somewhere there is a grandma that still hopes he is straight and that this is just a phase to get back at his dad.

If you can’t laugh at this, then you need help.

He never had a girlfriend. Maybe he set his expectations too high when he entered the St. Mary’s Boys School.

Wow, a woman scorned or what!

On a personal note, I have not earned very much from people clicking adverts on my blog, but I appreaciate all the people that click my G+ buttons. It is nice to know that at least people are looking at my posts. It kinda makes it all worth while.

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