Monday, 23 February 2015

Funny And Unfortunate College Yearbook Photos

Funny college and High school stuff makes me giggle. I never expect funny stuff from people in these situations. When I was at school we were so beaten down that we didn't have time to be funny. College wasn't so bad, except for the adverts they had for illiteracy in the college newspaper. What illiterate person reads a newspaper?

I pulled this from an episode of Buffy. 
I had to freeze it and zoom in to find it.
In class they had lessons on how to tie shoelaces, and she turned up in slip-ons. She said, “I never apologize to anyone, I’m sorry, that’s just the way I am.” She told her teacher not to look at her in that tone of voice.
He asked if horses go lame because they forget how to be cool. 
He told the teacher his dad was as tall as a 5-foot 8-inch tree.
Feed people a good curry and she will get lots of visits. If she gave you a penny for her thoughts, I wonder if you would get change.
Hahahaha (nuff said)
I bet a large portion of my readers do not get her joke.
Isn't that exactly what a terrorist would say?
He used to cover his test up during exams when the teacher walked by, just in case the teacher tried to copy his answers.
He said his sister walks like a centipede if it had two legs.

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