Thursday, 5 March 2015

19 Fake And Funny News Updates

Young boy seen walking on water
The pond was frozen

Kid makes a shocking discovery

 Most gullible people do not know there is a spider on their arm

 Baby Controversy!!!

Riot at the monkey ballet
The crowd went ape

Man takes movies literally

Man gives child jigsaw for Christmas
Kid saws off four fingers

Peter Griffin Saves You Eight Hours

Korean husband’s surprise meal ruined
His wife let the cat out of the bag

Those online adverts must be right

Paranoid schizophrenics are put under surveillance

 Russia negotiates new peace treaty

 Is it really about understanding self harm
Or, about how good looking boy is?

 Guy in Cosplay outfit keeps squeezing young ladies bottoms
 Police are looking for a sexual predator

 Kid finds test easy
She got all the answers wrong

I took the shell off my snail to make it faster
 It just made him more sluggish

Man comes home to find his suitcases on the lawn
Wife has planned a surprise holiday

Tupac Shakur is still doing movies


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